The New York City Women's Surf Film festival, a project of Lava Girl Surf, celebrates the filmmakers and female wave riders who live to surf, highlighting their sense of adventure, connection to the ocean and love for their own communities and those they discover.

In Rockaway Beach, New York, we'll share through film the spirit and inspiration of women wave riders from around the globe. Surfing is our passion. As women surfers, we share a special connection through our mutual love for the ocean and the creative energy sparked by celebrating our adventure stories. The New York Women’s Surf Film Festival aims to generate awareness of this special subculture and the local businesses that support them. 

Organizer and founder Davina Grincevicius "we are very excited it came together as well as it did. Everyone really enjoyed the films and had a great night out with friends. The festival successfully captivated the audience by presenting a night of heartening surf entertainment fused with fun music, friends, and the positive mellow ambiance created by the Rockaway Beach Surf Club". 

2015 Film Festival Poster. Photography by Morgan Maassen.

2015 Film Festival Poster. Photography by Morgan Maassen.

In 2013, Lava Girl Surf presented, Women of the Seven Seas, New York’s first annual women’s surf film festival featuring shorts from around the world. The festival showcased women carving their own paths through the world of surfing with a decidedly female poise and style. From the story of Belinda Baggs and her board, Evo, finding its way back into the hands of its creator, Wayne Lynch, in Australia, to the travels of three Latin Americans and one Kiwi with the world champion Sofia Mulanovich from Peru, the films highlight these women’s passion for the ocean and riding the wave — and show that they can rip. We were fortunate to have the filmmakers Marina Zawisza and Haley Gordon join us for the event. 


So grateful this festival exists.

The NY Women's Surf Film Festival makes it on my very short list of festivals I trust to ignite all aspects of storytelling when holding a screening. Connection, inspiration, and spirit. So grateful this festival exists.”

Devyn Bisson, Filmmaker "The Wave I Ride" 

..the festival not only allows women's work to be shared and showcased, it inspires us to make more.

Showing one of your films in front of a big crowd is a nerve-racking experience, but working with Davina at her festival was so smooth that all my fears were gone as soon as saw the quality of the festival she had organized. The New York Women Surf Film Festival not only allows women's work to be shared and showcased, it inspires us to create more.

Marina Zawisza, FIlmmaker "3KY1K"